Production Units

The Brevini Group has numerous production units globally. They are situated in Reggio Emilia, Castelguglielmo (RO), Bad Homburg (Frankfurt, Germany), Yancheng (Jiangsu, China) and Muncie (Indiana, USA).

Bad Homburg (Germany): PIV Drives

The PIV Drives plant in Bad Homburg, Germany produces in-line and right angle gearboxes. PIV Drives, which was founded in 1928 by German entrepreneur Werner Reimers, was acquired by Brevini in 2001. The star product of PIV Drives is the Posired series of universal in-line and right-angle gearboxes launched on the market in the eighties. Thanks to their versatility and ease of use, these products are suited for almost all areas of application and are able to satisfy most of the clients’ needs. A special focus was placed on gearboxes for extruders, for which PIV has over thirty years of experience. Today, ten years after the company was acquired and with the adoption of new managerial criteria combined with the organizational, commercial and financial resources made available by Brevini Power Transmission, PIV Drives products have been completely integrated within the Brevini international network. The PIV Drives product line has a solid positioning on the market, thanks to its excellent reputation due to the high quality of its products made in Germany and its ability to provide clients with customized technological solutions. The company also distributes Brevini Power Transmission products on the German market.

Reggio Emilia (Italy): Headquarters

In the new Brevini headquarters, the entire planetary gearbox production cycle has been rethought and redesigned with solutions aimed at achieving World Class Manufacturing levels in production. The production lines have been redesigned to work according to the Brevini Manufacturing System, which adapts Lean Production rules to suit the needs of Brevini. Placing all activities under one roof has sped up work flows and increased production capacity in terms of volume. The One Piece Flow principle was applied in an innovative and decisive way on assembly lines, which permits extreme flexibility in balancing the lines. This choice means occupying less space in the assembly area, with the advantage of smoother task sequences and clearer work cycles.

Castelguglielmo (Italy): Posiplan

The plant in Cantelguglielmo (Rovigo) produces the PIV Posiplan series. This innovative product line launched in 2000 combines all the advantages of current technologies: reliability, versatility, and a reasonable cost. The design of PH (Planetary Helical) and BPH (Bevel Planetary Helical) gearboxes is based on a virtuous cycle. “Virtual” prototypes designed with 3D engineering are subsequently analyzed and optimized using FEM techniques. Each is subject to strict mechanical, structural, and thermal testing to replicate realistic operating conditions. The company’s move to the new larger and better-equipped location in August 2012 will help boost production capacity.

Yancheng (China): Brevini Yancheng Planetary Drives

Due to the booming demand for mechanical drives in China and positive long-term forecasts, Brevini decided to strengthen in presence in the country by opening a production plant – Brevini Yancheng Planetary Drives – in Yancheng, a city in the province of Jiangsu. The Yancheng plant, just a few kilometers north of Shanghai, started operations in February 2008, and it is located near logistic and port infrastructures that ensure weekly connections with major Asian and European ports. The Brevini Yancheng Planetary Drives plant cost 12 million euros to build and covers a total area of 36,000 square meters. More than 150 people (including 30 engineers) work there, and approximately 60,000 gearboxes are produced yearly. Brevini Yancheng Planetary Drives produces an entire range of gearboxes for self-propelled machinery and it focuses on quality. In fact, the Brevini Power Transmission products for China have the same quality standards as its products sold worldwide. Clients of the Chinese plant include OEM constructors in the area and also in other bordering markets: therefore, approximately half of the production is destined to the Chinese market, while the rest of the output is exported to countries in the Asia- Pacific area.

Leonessa Brevini Yancheng (China)

Leonessa Brevini Yancheng is a joint-venture launched by two prestigious companies in the sector: La Leonessa S.p.A. and Brevini Power Transmission S.p.A. The plant is in Yancheng, 300 km north of Shanghai. The plant covers a surface area of 37,000 square meters, of which 8,000 square meters are covered. It will produce bearings between 400 and 4000 mm in diameter using the exceptional know-how of our companies. The company will mainly produce bearings for the wind energy sector.

Reggio Emilia (Italy): Brevini Winches

Brevini Winches is a line of hydraulic and electric hoisting and recovery winches created for various sectors: winches for the drilling sector, compact winches for truck cranes, high-speed winches for self-propelled cranes, winches for tow trucks, and special winches. Using the most modern engineering and manufacturing equipment in compliance with the laws in force, the company also studies innovative materials and tests its finished products using its own test bed and tower for the hoisting test.

Reggio Emilia (Italy): Brevini Fluid Power

Spread over the cities of Reggio Emilia, Bologna and Parma there are 7 production plants manufacturing the range of products offered by the Brevini Fluid Power group. A combined manufacturing area of 35,000 m^2 is focused to quality, integrated production processes leading to manufacturing capacities of 450,000 valves, 20,000 Blocks, 100,000 customised components, 200,000 orbital motors and 50,000 piston units per year