The Global Network

All over the world, our subsidiaries are the real “heart” of Brevini Power Transmission’s global approach in customer satisfaction.

The successful development of market relations is an important element of an enterprise. Brevini Power Transmission’s global approach has been a part of its DNA and the heritage of its founders since the very beginning. That dimension continues to grow in synergy with its quest for customer satisfaction. Brevini’s international vision developed not in theory but in practice over thirty-five years through a network of twenty-six branch offices around the world, starting with the first branch in the U.S. in 1977 and up to the latest office opened in Turkey in 2012. This large network, which is a distinctive trait of the company, developed over time and would be very difficult to recreate today. The branch offices in our network, located in every corner of the world, all share a strong sense of affiliation with Brevini Group. The focus is on the people and their entrepreneurial spirit that significantly contributes to group results. This international vocation taught us that it is necessary to overcome the limits of a local mentality and to realize that we are an international entity. Our people must think that when something is done in China, the impact of that action will also be felt in the U.S. and perhaps also in Italy. The exchange of information in real time and the operative integration of the entire network of branches ensure effective service around the clock. Our clients recognize our great service: engineering and design consultation, our ability to understand the needs and functioning of complex machines, and a deep respect of the relationship and partnership between client and supplier. On every latitude and in various market scenarios and application contexts, Brevini’s entrepreneurial strategy focuses on growing consolidation that, as happened in Germany and China and will happen in Brazil and in other countries in the future, has the final objective of establishing production units to better serve local markets. However, the point of departure will always be our branch office, the true heart of Brevini Power Transmission’s global approach.

Subsidiaries and Regional Offices