Industrial Helical and Bevel Helical Gearboxes

Series of universal modular gearbox with a wide range of accessories and options. Complete with operation systems monitoring, which is ideal for all continuous cycle industrial applications.
25 sizes | nominal output torque up to 1,000,000 Nm

  • Posired R Agitator Drive Gearbox

    Agitator Drives

    POSIRED R agitator drives for applications that require vertical shaft position.

  • Compact Right Angle Drive

    Compact Right Angle Drives POSIRED D

    This universal and compact gearmotor is based on a modular system with high output torque with a monobloc housing integrating a motor bell housing. A large number of variants are available for each size. The opportunity to mount brake motor makes this gearmotor most suited for traverse movements in cranes or other large mobile applications.

  • Posired Advanced

    Conveyor Drives

    Developed for the toughest applications, especially those found in mining and bulk material handling, the new conveyor drive range features a great improvement in thermal performance and enhanced mechanical efficiency.

    The new drive series features a modular thermal system. This includes an axial cooling fan, with higher air flow rates for better gearbox cooling, a high advanced lubrication system with mechanical oil pump and copper plates with active cooling fins.

  • Posired 2 Helical Bevel Gearbox

    Extended Centre Drives

    Lifting gears in which the cable drum and driving motor are arranged in parallel require a step-down gear with a correspondingly large axle base. The lifting gear gears in the POSIRED N series are designed for this application and ideally bridge the given distance between the motor and cable drum.

    The development of this series was based on widespread experience in crane engineering. The demands of this branch were largely taken into account in this gear concept.

  • Parallel Shaft Lifting Gearbox

    Main Hoist Drives

    Gearboxes for big cranes with drum and motor in parallel. Available with all accessories, including clutches, brakes and substructures.
    20 sizes | nominal output torque up to 1,000,000 Nm

  • Posired 2 Helical Bevel Gearbox

    Posired 2

    In this product range the demand for a gear program rich in variants but with a minimum number of parts have been fulfilled.

    A high degree of standardisation and consistent modularity ensures availability with short delivery time. A large number of standard options with a great variety of versions guarantee optimal adaptation in almost all areas of mechanical and system construction.

  • Posired TS Twin Shaft Gearbox

    TS Twin Shaft