Modular Planetary Gearboxes

In-line or right angle planetary gearboxes. Based on a flexible modular system, they are available in male and female output shaft configurations.
15 sizes | nominal output torque up to 25,000 Nm

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    Cattle Feed Mixer Drives

    Brevini's range of cattle feed mixer drives are modular planetary gear units modified to meet the operating requirements of cattle feed mixers in agricultural industries. The mixer drives combine the traditional advantages of Brevini's planetary technology Рcompactness and high efficiency Рwith the characteristics of strength and reliability.
    The flexibility of the mixer drive design provides users with a number of construction options, including in-line and right-angle configurations, and the facility to directly mount a motor to the gearbox via a flange. Alternatively, a male input shaft configuration may be used with connection effected by a flexible coupling or pulley.

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    E Series

    New E-Series planetary gearboxes

  • Modular Planetary Gearbox

    Industrial Planetary Gearboxes