Slew Bearings

LEONESSAbrevini is a joint venture that was established between the Italian-based La Leonessa S.p.A. and the Brevini Power Transmission S.p.A. in 2011. The mission of the company located in Yancheng, in Jiangsu province, is to offer to Chinese customer high quality slewing bearings and possibly a combination of planetary gearboxes and slewing bearings as an integrated package solution, for many different equipment applications like water treatment plants, thruster and wind mills.

Leonessabrevini slewing bearings are designed and manufactured according to Leonessa S.p.A. know how accumulated in more than 40 years of slewing bearings manufacturing in Italy. The JV with Brevini offers the possibility to the customers to have from one supplier the integrated package of slewing bearing and planetary gearbox, that is guaranteeing the best performance and maximum reliability of both components