Slewing Drives

Planetary gear units for slewing that use a combination of pinion and slewing ring. Designed to withstand a strong radial load, they are easy to install, reliable and versatile.
10 sizes | nominal output torque up to 200,000 Nm

  • Slew Drive

    Industrial Slewing Drives

    More torque for tough industrial jobs

    This wide range of Brevini planetary gear units is specifically designed for pinion and slewing ring drives. Successfully employed on tower cranes, shipboard and harbor cranes, wind generators and as steering drive on ship propulsion systems, they can be used in all applications where accurate positioning is called for. These Brevini slewing drives are suitable for the most severe duties in every environment.


    Mobile Slewing Drives

    Efficient and compact for mobile equipment

    Brevini’s slewing drives are an essential component in keeping weight and size to a minimum on equipment such as tower cranes, aerial platforms, discharge booms, excavation and construction equipment. Their planetary structure allows to withstand very high torque values while maintaining reduced dimensions, reduced weight and high efficiency.


    Yaw and Pitch Drives

    Perfect for green energy

    Brevini Power Transmission planetary gearboxes are used on different part of wind energy plant: the rotor and the nacelle. Our slewing planetary gear units from the yaw and pitch range are normally used to control blade pitch. The nacelle at the top of the tower is connected to the rotor and houses the gearbox, the electrical generator, the yaw system, and the control system. To make sure that the rotor axis is constantly aligned with the wind direction for maximum energy output, large wind turbines are equipped with a yaw system that allows the nacelle to adjust its position according to the direction and force of the wind. Nacelle rotation is controlled by a yaw system, planetary gear unit with electric brake motor, which is one of Brevini’s most popular products.