• Gearboxes

    Gearboxes (93)

    Brevini Power Transmission is among the top providers in the world of high quality gearing solutions. The name Brevini has become synonymous with planetary gears and can be found in varied applications from mobile to industrial, renewable energies to recycling and offshore to aerospace. Brevini has a gearing solution for your needs and a 50+ year history of manufacturing excellence and experience to ensure your machines are fitted with the best and most suitable gearing technology available anywhere on the market,
  • Hydraulics

    Hydraulics (88)

    Brevini Fluid Power has one of the broadest product ranges available to offer both the industrial and mobile market. A complete range of pumps, valves, powerpacks and complete systems are backed up by state of the art electronic controllers and a research center which ensures Brevini Fluid Power Products remain among the most innovative on the market.
  • Winches

    Winches (82)

    Brevini Winches, a business unit of Brevini Power Transmission, designs and manufactures hydraulic and electric hoisting and pulling winches for various sectors: winches for the drilling sector, compact winches for truck cranes, high speed winches for self-propelled cranes, winches for tow trucks, and special solutions. Brevini Winches can also provide safety devices such as max/min limit switches, drums with standard or special grooves, pressure rollers, and mechanical load limit devices. The factory in Italy, which uses the most modern engineering and manufacturing equipment in compliance with the laws in force, focuses on research of innovative materials and on the testing of finished products. For this purpose, it also has its own test bed and a tower for the hoisting test.
  • Couplings

    Couplings (8)

    The international CENTA group has been engaging in solving complex drive train and torsional vibration challenges since 1970. Due to its numerous innovations, the company today ranks among the world’s leading manufacturers of flexible couplings and drive shafts for industry and marine applications as well as for power generation. A broad range of flexible couplings and drive shafts with performance ranging from 10 Nm to 650,000 Nm have already been put to use in millions of applications. Let the team at Brevini NZ assist you in finding the correct coupling solution.
  • Electrical

    Electrical (43)

    Brevini BPE Electronics manufacture transducers, electronics and software. The products are mainly designed for control and safety systems used on hydraulic lifts and mobile equipment like hydraulic cranes, winches, forklift trucks, aerial work platforms, self-propelled platforms, platform lifts, wheel-loaders, mobile concrete mixers, mobile crane and hydraulic control. The production includes strain gauge transducers, pressure transducers, tilt transducers and, on request, special transducers. Technological research and quality-control allow Brevini BPE to produce customised systems in accordance with the strict safety regulations in force. Applications:      • Control and management of special systems and machines with movements, moment, load, height, area         and tilt control and limitation      • Lifted weight and special custom visualisation display      • Direct solenoid valve management and drive      • Automatic leveling of machines, platforms and outriggers      • Storing of machine operating parameters      • Remote control management      • Remote GSM assistance